Water and Sewer

The City’s water and sewer systems are basic services to the community.  Sufficient and safe water is an expectation of the Citizens, one provided by this department.

The Water and Sewer Division consists of 5 full time employees.  The Public Works Director is responsible for the overall operation of these services.  The Water Division Foreman is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the water distribution system and the sewer collection system including 10 lift stations.  This division is responsible for reading the meters each month for billing purposes.  The five water division employees repair, replace, and install water meters including meters in new homes and businesses.  They are also responsible for cleaning sewer mains, manholes and lift stations.

The City has replaced approximately 90% of the oldest (cast iron) water lines over the past 10 years resulting in substantial fewer breaks and water losses.  Documented water losses are currently less than 5% compared to just over 30% ten years ago.  This reduction is directly attributed to fewer main line breaks and replacement of old/inaccurate water meters.

The City has been testing and repairing sanitary sewer mains and manholes over the past six years to minimize infiltration of ground water and soil into the collection system.  Repairing the system will minimize back-ups and treatment costs during heavy rains.  The City is currently planning to continue the testing and repair program in the older parts of town.

All of the City’s lift stations have been equipped with electronic monitoring systems and back-up electric generators to ensure dependable operation during unexpected power outages and heavy rainfall events.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Larry Rasch Water Division Foreman (618)566-2964 ext. 502
Cindy Hilkey Water Division Operator
Adam Harrington Water Division Operator / Meter Reader
Dustin Pannier Water Division Operator
Todd Gries Water Division Operator