General Information

The Planning and Development Division is responsible for the administration of the City’s zoning, subdivision and site plan regulations.  The division also coordinates City activities relating to annexations and maintains the Comprehensive Plan. 

Site Plan and Architectural Review:  Construction within the City limits of a new commercial structure or a residential building containing more than two units requires review of the Planning Commission and approval by City Council.  The site plan requires that a plan be submitted by a design professional that addresses development issues including drainage design, parking lot design and lighting, utility connections and fire protection, accessibility and landscaping.  Architectural review is detailed in the Unified Land Development Code in Article XI.

Zoning and Subdivision Administration:  The City of Mascoutah enforces a zoning and subdivision ordinance within the City limits and subdivision regulations 1 ½ miles outside of the City limits.  The Zoning Ordinance regulates the uses that can be placed on property as well as building setbacks, height limitation, occupancy limitation and parking requirements.  The Subdivision Ordinance regulates the division of property into new lots.  Within 1 ½ miles of the City limits, dividing a parcel into smaller lots must first have a subdivision plat approved by the City Council.  The Planning and Development Division coordinates the subdivision review process. 

Comprehensive Plan:  In 2008, the City of Mascoutah adopted a new Comprehensive Plan to guide the growth and development of the community through the next decade.  The Plan was also updated in 2011. The Comprehensive Plan is organized into eight chapters; Land Use, Traffic Circulation, Parks and Recreation, Economic Development, Housing, Community Facilities, Utilities, and Fiscal Management.  For additional information about the Comprehensive Plan, please click here.  

Official Zoning Map:  This map should be used for reference purposes only.  Please consult with the Planning and Development Division for all official zoning determinations.  By Illinois State Statutes, the official map is updated in March annually.  To view the Zoning Map, please click here.