City Cemetery

The Mascoutah City Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Mascoutah.

View the Rules and Regulations for the Mascoutah City Cemetery.

Single Grave – $450.00

Opening/Closing Fees:
Monday – Friday
       Full size grave – $550.00
       Ashes – $250.00
       Infant grave – $200.00

       Full size grave – $700.00
       Ashes – $350.00
       Infant grave – $300.00

Holiday (holiday charges also apply to the Saturday directly preceding or following a Monday or Friday holiday)
       Full size grave – $850.00
       Ashes – $450.00
       Infant grave – $400.00

There are no graves opened or closed on Sunday.

*Additional pricing and fee information can be found in the Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

To schedule a burial, please contact Cemetery Sexton Bryan Haas at 618-779-2331.