Streets and Maintenance

Safe streets and functional storm drain facilities are increasingly a priority for the City. The City is a patchwork of old ‘chip and seal’ narrow streets and ditches as well as modern new subdivisions with concrete/ asphalt structures.  As such, continuous maintenance on road patching and surface repairs is a major workload daily.  Tree limb removal and green waste yard maintenance are also this sections responsibility.

The Public Works Director is responsible for operation and maintenance of the entire City infrastructure.  This includes city street and right-of-way maintenance, along with public buildings and grounds.

The Street and Maintenance Division are a combined work force consisting of 7 full time employees and seasonal part-time employees.  This division is funded through the General Corporate Fund.

The Street Division Foreman is responsible for the overall operation of the Street and Maintenance Division.  His duties include the maintenance of streets, curb and gutters, sidewalks, bike paths, storm sewers, storm water retention ponds, shoulders/ditches, trees, City landscaped areas, grass cutting and snow removal.

In 2009, the City established a “Roads Replacement Program” to improve the roads in Mascoutah. Each year roughly $150,000 will be invested in replacing segments of ‘chip and seal’ streets with a fully improved, asphalt street profile and drainage improvements.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Marvin McLemore Street Division Foreman (618) 779-5458
Dave Biekert Street Laborer
Brad Press Street Laborer
JR Pflasterer Street Laborer
Gary Dudek Street Laborer
Dave Hausmann Building Maintenance
Steve Powers Park Maintenance (618) 779-1451