Snow Removal Policy

The City of Mascoutah adopted a new Snow Removal Policy on November 17, 2014 by adoption of Ordinance No. 14-15.  The Snow Removal Policy is intended to address snow and ice procedures for the City and its residents.   Following are the regulations as incorporated into Mascoutah’s Code of Ordinances, Chapter 33.
Snow and Ice Removal Policy.
(a) The goal of the City of Mascoutah is to provide snow and ice response in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  During ice or snow conditions, the City applies de-icer and plows snow.  There are two phases for ice and snow response:  (1) when snow or ice conditions exist, salt is applied based on public safety needs, starting with primary arterial streets and major intersections; and (2) depending on pavement conditions and forecast, snow plowing will likely commence when two inches of snow accumulates.  It is standard practice to avoid salting either secondary streets or in newer subdivisions as repeated salting of concrete leads to deterioration of that material.
(b) Conditions such as blowing snow, continual freezing rain, accumulation, forecast conditions, or the need to assist with high priority state or county roadways vary for each snow and ice event.  Accordingly, some streets may not be treated.  Snow and ice response goals are set primarily to afford public safety crews the ability to provide emergency services.  General travel, commerce or individual convenience issues take a lower priority and are not always able to be accommodated.  An ongoing assessment is made during snow and ice removal operations regarding when to discontinue removal operations.
Parking prohibited.
Parking restrictions shall be in force at any time within 12 hours preceding a prediction by the National Weather Service of two inches or more of snow, sleet or freezing rain.  Parking shall be prohibited on the following:  (1) Main Street, (2) cul-de-sacs, and (3) the side of street with odd address numbers on all streets not included in (1) or (2).  Parking restriction will remain in effect for 18 hours after snow, sleet or freezing rain has occurred or sooner if the street has been cleared of snow or ice.
Snow and ice removal by residents or private persons.
(a) No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any snow or ice on or against a fire hydrant.
(b) Owners of private parking lots are responsible for removing their own snow.  Such snow shall not be deposited on any sidewalk or City street.
(c) Property owners are responsible for clearing their driveway approaches and around mailboxes.  Snow plowing operations may inconvenience property owners when snow is plowed in front of driveways or by mailboxes.  It is impossible to efficiently and effectively plow the streets and avoid the ends of already cleared driveways.  The City’s priority is keeping roads open for emergency service provides and apologize for any inconvenience.  Residents with medical conditions should contact the City Engineer at City Hall if they need assistance with snow removal from their driveway approaches and mailboxes.  Those residents will be placed on a list and snow removal aid will be prioritized by the City Engineer.
(d) No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any snow or ice on street, gutters, storm drains, or other  private property.  Keep street gutters and storm drains clean for drainage; don’t cause ponding of snow melt that can turn into ice.
Parking violation notice; penalty.
(a) Whenever any motor vehicle shall be found illegally parked, abandoned or stalled in violation of this article, the police shall attempt to notify the owner or drive of such vehicle by any means and may issue a parking violation notice.  Such vehicle may be removed and conveyed by means of towing by order of police in accordance with section 24-6-7 of this Code.
(b) Any person who violates or aids and abets in violation of this article shall be fined as provided in section 1-1-20 of this Code.