Train Car & Depot Rental

Rosequist Express Train Car and Depot
725 Park Drive, Mascoutah IL  62258
(618) 334-3654

Rental Information - Maximum seating 110

Train Car
Train Car, Outside

Train Car Walk

Train Car, Inside Seating


Depot Inside

Depot Inside

Depot Inside

Depot, Inside

The depot rental includes 3 rooms.  The first room has 3 8ft tables and one 4 ft table. These tables are perfect to set food on. The second room has 2 bathrooms, refrigerator, 4 8ft tables and one 6 ft table, one round table and one square table. The depot seats 46 people. 

The train car includes 10 6ft tables and one 4 ft table. The train car seats 64 people.

Full Day Rental rate is $100.00.
Clean Up Deposit $100.00.  Refundable upon inspection if all is cleaned and trash taken to outside containers.  The deposit check will be mailed back to applicant.   

Please make checks payable to MIA.  Two seperate $100 checks are required.  One for the rental and one for the deposit.  The checks can be mailed to MIA c/o Phyllis Johnson, 409 W Green St.,Mascoutah IL 62258.  We do not give out a key so someone will meet you on the day of the event and let you in at an agreed time. 

All events are to be concluded and clean up completed by Scheve Parks closing time (11 pm). Set up and clean up must be done only during the day the facility has been reserved.  

Set up and clean up - All set up and clean up is to be done by the groups using the facility.  Brooms, mops, and garbage bags are provided.  Failure to properly clean the building will result in forfeiture of rental deposit and denial of future reservations.  All trash is to be bagged, tied, and removed from the building and placed in trash can located outside the Depot.  

General Conditions - 

  1. Depot and train car facilities are smoke free.
  2. Decorations are to be removed by the end of the event.
  3. The facility is not equipped for cooking; but prepared food may be brought into the building for serving, provided all food and catering equipment is removed at the end of the event. Refrigerator is available.  
  4. Activities/events are to be carried on inside the building only and are not to expand to adjoining parking areas or pavilion areas.  The stage is not available to rent unless the depot pavilion and the depot/train car is rented.  
  5. No candles or other inflammable materials shall be used, except for food warming equipment.  This includes centerpieces.
  6. The group is responsible for the return of the tables and chairs to their original location.  Tables and chairs may not be moved out of the building.  
  7. All activities/events shall be properly controlled and supervised.  
  8. MIA does not recommend bringing valuables to the facility.  Any valuables that are brought into the facility is done so at the renters own risk.  The MIA will not be responsible for any valuables lost or stolen.  

For further information or to rent, please contact (618) 334-3654.