UPDATED 4/4/2017: Public Notice – Water Tower Maintenance and Voluntary Water Conservation

City of Mascoutah recently awarded a contract for the Interior Protective Coating Restoration for the Elevated Water Storage Reservoir (aka water tower) located on North 6th Street.  The project consists of a complete interior abrasive blast and interior protective coating.  In order for this project to take place the water tower must be switched off and completely drained.  Work on draining the water tower will start on Monday, February 27th.  The contractor will start working on the interior on Monday, March 6th and will take approximately 5 weeks to complete.  The water pressure regulation will be switched from this water tower to the pump house while the work is being done on the water tower.  During this time, residents may experience pressure fluctuations and periods of low pressure.  In addition, the City will be installing pressure relief valves on various fire hydrants to help regulate pressure.  During periods of pressure fluctuation, residents may notice water being discharged from these hydrants, which is completely normal.
During this time, the City of Mascoutah is enacting a voluntary water conservation beginning Monday, February 27th and ending Friday, April 7th.  Due to weather delays and  the condition of the water tower, the voluntary water conservation has been extended until April 30, 2017.  Water conservation during this time will aid in preventing low water pressure issues.  This water conservation is voluntary at this time, but could become mandatory if the City begins to experience issues with water pressure or water availability.
Water Conservation Limitations:
  • Washing of cars and other vehicles.  Please use a shutoff nozzle and do not let water run while not using it.
  • Sprinkling of lawns and shrubbery.  Do not water in a manner that causes excess runoff.
  • Watering of gardens.
  • Cleaning or power-washing of driveways, patios, houses, parking lots, sidewalks and streets except where necessary to protect the public health or safety.
  • No filling of residential swimming pools.
Please contact City Hall at (618) 566-2964 with any questions or concerns.