Utilities (Electric, Water & Sewer)

The City of Mascoutah locally owns and operates electric, water, and sewer utilities serving 3,613 customers. We strive to provide low-cost, reliable service. Local public utilities are owned and operated by the communities they serve; there are no stockholders to please or profits to make. That’s what makes a local, community-owned utility a valuable asset to citizens and the community. 

Energy Saving Advice

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kim Stambaugh Senior Utility Billing Clerk, Technical Coordinator (618) 566-2964 ext. 100
Phyllis Johnson Utility Billing Clerk (618) 566-2964 ext. 103
Chelsa Wombacher Cashier (618) 566-2964 ext. 102
Linda Fishback Receptionist (618) 566-2964 ext. 101
Kari Haas City Clerk / Utility Billing Supervisor (618) 566-2964 ext. 106